Originally from Portland, Texas. I’ve been cutting hair as a licensed professional barber for 4 years. I decided to take my barbering career further and moved to San Antonio, Texas. I grew up working most of my life in the oil field but always had an interest in barbering. One day I decided to make a change and dive head first into the barber industry never looking back. I’m extremely blessed in how successful I’ve been and how its changed my whole life style and way of living. The gratification I get from giving a complete stranger an amazing haircut is what does it for me. I enjoy making people feel better about them selves with a haircut. As well as them making me feel more and more confident as an outstanding barber. So if you are looking for a new Barber that’ll go far and beyond for you. Look no further, give me one chance to cut your hair I guarantee you’ll be back!

The Premiere San Antonio Barbershop

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You can enjoy a complimentary
@southerleigh craft beer while you wait,
or during your cut, or after!