My name is Keng Scott A.K.A “Ink-Redible Keng”. I come from a family of five ( all male). I have come a long way. Traveled the million miles from Cameroon (Central Africa) and started my American journey in the state of Georgia, were I lived for a couple of years then moved to San Antonio. If you ask me why I chosed San Antonio, to tell you the truth, I really don’t know. Guess I’m a child of the North winds. Just so you know; when you see me, know you just saw the most complete artist the world has and will ever know. If you just read the story above, guess what I can do to your hair! Is it a design, flawless fade……? Drawing and painting for over 18years as a professional artist, barbering came as another opportunity to Express what I am made of. I have as a strong commitment for precision and detailed work. You are always sure to leave with that impeccable experience.

The Premiere San Antonio Barbershop

Keng fades photo gallery

You can enjoy a complimentary
@southerleigh craft beer while you wait,
or during your cut, or after!